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Designing a website for the "Thinking Effect" was a really cool opportunity for our design agency. This concept was all about bringing together AI, brain science, and hands-on learning to help people improve how they think and learn. Our job would be to make this complex idea easy to understand and visually appealing. We had created a website that felt interactive and user-friendly, making it enjoyable for people to explore and learn.

The visual look of the design was minimal, futuristic and a sense of ethical and responsible tech vibe. Neutral shades such black, white and blue were used. We also integrated abstract or stylized representations of brain patterns, neural networks, or thought processes to communicate the focus on cognitive science and learning. The visual language also portrayed a unique identity in the field of science and AI.


The Thinking Effect

AI, Neurosciene and Experiential Learning

The client gave us a brief to simple, informative website which should showcase all the content in a user-friendly and engaging manner. There should also be immersive imagery be used that transports visitors into scenarios where the "Thinking Effect" is applied, and visuals related to AI, Neuroscience.


Experiential learning
Experiential learning is an educational approach where learning happens through hands-on experiences and active participation. It involves engaging in real-world tasks, reflecting on the outcomes, and applying gained knowledge to practical situations.

Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary scientific field that explores the nervous system's intricacies, including the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. It investigates how these complex systems function, develop, and interact, shedding light on everything from cellular processes to complex behaviors and cognition.

How did we help?

A well-designed website created by us ensured that Thinking Effect is easily discoverable and accessible to individuals interested in science and AI. We also organized all the massive information resources in a more user - friendly and engaging manner which would engage in more audience and hence help in growth of business. We also made a sure that the platform’s unique identity is portrayed in a more intersting way on its website which differentiates it from other resources platforms avialable on AI, Neuroscience. We also utilized engaging imagery, graphics, and illustrations to tell the story of The Think Effect to increase its online presence.


Roughly between the age group of 20 to 50s.

Scientists, AI Enthusiasts, Researchers, Educators and learnings, Businessmen who invest in Science and Tech Platforms, Cognitive Sciene Enthusiasts

Open to new ideas

  • Technology integration in education, student-centered learning, instructional design, teaching methodologies, and cognitive science.

  • Forward-thinking individuals excited about the potential of AI in various fields, including education and cognitive enhancement.

  • Actively participate in online forums, attend meetups, and contribute to discussions on AI, neuroscience, and experiential learning.

  • Follow AI advancements, attend technology-related events, and explore AI applications in education and personal growth.

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