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Designing a website for SENZI presented an exhilarating creative challenge for us as it was a progressive and bespoke hair education brand,and we had never done something in that space before. Having an international presence and targeting a more fashionable audience, it was important that we think out of the box while aligning with a neat user experience as well. 

The visual design style was fun and bold and inspired from vintage style. Lots of saturated bold pastel shades were used with a hint of modern touch. Also, we had to showcase that it was an educational website for hair fashion industry. Moreover, contributing to an educational platform that promotes individuality and creativity in the hair industry resonates deeply with our team's values. Designing for SENZI was an opportunity in itself to make a positive impact and leave a lasting impression in the world of hair education.


Senzi Sessions

A Creative ever growing online community for hair and culture.

The brief given was to make a fun, user-friendly website which should portray SENZI as a bespoke brand. The website needed to portray the  platform to be a myth-buster in hair culture, and should be inspiring, creative and experimenting with new creative patterns.



is a dynamic and creative online community for hair and culture, crafted by the progressive and bespoke hair education brand SENZI. This platform is designed to inspire, cultivate new ideas, and explore innovative hair patterns. It offers a strong foundation in technique, discipline, and self-control while infusing the latest hair and visual culture trends. Participants have the opportunity to absorb knowledge from a range of haircutting classes, techniques diagrams, and even engaging models' interviews.


SENZI provides a range of educational services, including haircutting classes, techniques diagrams, models interviews, post-lessons quizzes, and an online community called SENZI SESSIONS. The latter serves as a creative platform to inspire and nurture hairdressers, encouraging them to explore new ideas and stay up-to-date with current hair and visual culture trends.

How did we help?

As a design agency we made sure to position SENZI as a professional and modern educational platform. We meticulously crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that reflected SENZI's progressive and bespoke identity. The streamlined user experience and a exciting visual appeal facilitated higher engagement, driving more learners to enroll in SENZI's haircutting classes and join the vibrant SENZI SESSIONS community. By showcasing the brand's commitment to individual creativity and fostering a sense of community, the website became a thriving hub for hair professionals worldwide. By creating the website for SENZI, we also contributed to elevating the brand's online presence, expanding its reach, and fostering a strong community of hair professionals.


Roughly between the age group of teens to 30s.

Models, fashion students, designers, hair enthusiasts, saloon owners and managers, hair professionals, filmmakers, people from the creative field, and people who liked to be bold and do experiments with their hair.

Always ready to try something new

  • Has a keen interest in the latest hair trends and fashion. They follow hairstyling influencers, fashion magazines, and runway shows to stay informed about emerging styles and techniques.

  • Actively seek educational resources to improve their hairstyling skills.

  • Values creativity and seeks opportunities to express their individuality through hairstyling. They are open to experimentation and enjoy pushing the boundaries of traditional hair looks.

  • Are deeply passionate about hair and beauty, viewing hairstyling as an art form and a means of self-expression.

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