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Global Extreme felt more than just a brand, it was a part of something bigger, a global music industry. Designing for this platform felt like a huge opportunity as it was linked to Coldplay, Billie Elish and some of the big names in the music industry. We were particularly interested because this project was full of creative freedom to explore cutting-edge concepts and push the boundaries of web design. Due to Global Extreme's reputation as a rapidly ascending, multifaceted company in the visual production arena was a great oppurtunity for us to showcase quality work and versatility in our designs.

The visual style of the website was inspired from raw, edgy and pumped up music beats. We used pop colours to signify modern hollywood music industry. Lot of graphic, videos and film style images were used to show a dominance of Global Extreme in the field of production.


Global Extreme

Immerse Yourself in the Extraordinary: A Deep Dive into the Extreme

The brief given was to make a captivating, edgy and modern design with a hint of minimalism. The website should beautifully showcase portfolio of Global Extreme, along with future events and merchandise users can engage in and buy.


Interesting Backstory of Global Extreme

The most interesting thing about Global Extreme is its founding story—a mutual dream among childhood friends to capture awe-inspiring experiences. This passion led to a rapidly ascending visual production company with a unique philosophy: "Going Where Others Don't Go." It reflects a spirit of adventure, friendship, and a commitment to challenge boundaries, making Global Extreme captivating and inspiring.

The idea that a shared passion for adventure and exploration led to the establishment of a rapidly ascending, multifaceted company in the visual production arena is inspiring. It reflects the power of friendship, determination, and the pursuit of a common dream.

This combination of a founding story rooted in friendship and a vision that embraces the spirit of exploration makes Global Extreme a captivating and intriguing company. It's not just another design agency; it represents a lifestyle and culture centered around the pursuit of extraordinary experiences and the willingness to venture into the unknown.

How did we help?

As a design agency we helped Global Extreme to increase its online presence and create its unique identity in the music industry. The website also provided a platform to shop merchandise and book tickets for the concerts managed by Global Extreme. We made sure that Global Extreme is potrayed as a multi-utility platform which showcases the events the covered, the shows they managed, and even their own in-house music videos. We also helped them reach a wider audience, engage potential clients, and reinforce their commitment to exploring and capturing awe-inspiring experiences through a user-centric and visually appleaing website.


Roughly between the age group of teens to 40s.

Music industry professionals, concert enthusiasts, party goers, musicians, singers, businessman in film and Media Production Companies, Brands and Marketing Agencies.

Outdoor Lifestyle
Music Entusiasts

  • People who love adventure, travel, and exploring unique destinations.

  • hey are interested in visual content that showcases breathtaking landscapes, extreme sports, and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

  • Willing to invest in high-quality visual production services to enhance their own projects or brand presence.

  • Appreciate creativity and artistic expression in visual storytelling.

  • Interested in exploring new cultures, remote locations, and unconventional activities.

  • Value lifestyle and culture centered around the pursuit of extraordinary experiences.

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