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FestApp was a fun, challenging and a quick project which was partyhosters and partylovers. It was an innovative and unique concept in the event hosting and socializing domain, hence it was something which as a design agency we were very keen on working. As FestApp aims to connect people, promote community building, and offer a platform for hosting events, it had the potential to attract a large user base. Designing a user-friendly and visually appealing website can contribute to the app's success and growth, would help us make a positive impact in the sciety and further solidify our presence in the digital website community. 

We designed a lot of fun motifs, design ideas and colour palletes. The visual look was vibrant, exciting and energetic to create a sense of enthusiasm and joy. We also choose custom illustrations and icons that represented different event themes, activities, and interests which gave a personalized touch to the app's visual identity.


Fest App

The New Way to Party

The client wanted a fun, exciting and clean website explaining how FestApp can be a trustworthy app and would elevate the partying experiences of a people. The website should convey excitement in forming new relations and meeting people. 


Party Hosting Management Websites
A party hosting management website is a platform designed to assist users in planning, organizing, and managing various aspects of hosting parties and events. These websites typically offer a range of features to streamline the party planning process and ensure a successful and enjoyable gathering for hosts and attendees alike.

Features of FestApp
Fest App offers a range of exciting features for event hosts and attendees. As a host, you can effortlessly organize gatherings at your home, selecting themes that resonate with your interests. The app ensures safety and control by vetting users, allowing you to approve guests and share residence details securely. For attendees, Fest App provides a platform to connect with like-minded people and forge lasting connections while enjoying a diverse array of engaging events.

How did we help?

As a design agency, we played a crucial role in helping FestApp bring its vision to life. We crafted an intuitive and visually captivating user interface, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for both hosts and attendees. We developed a vibrant visual branding that reflected the app's energetic and cozy atmosphere, establishing a strong and recognisable identity. We also prioritised safety and trust by implementing verification badges and secure payment icons, instilling confidence in users. Through ongoing support and data-driven insights, we helped FestApp create a thriving community that fosters meaningful connections and enjoyable event experiences.


Roughly between the age group of 15 to 30s.

Individuals can be be of any profession who enjoy hosting and attending social events, interested in meeting new people in a more intimate and personalised setting. Individuals who are passionate about event planning, community building, and fostering connections with like-minded people.

Outgoing, party lovers
Community - minded
Young and enthusiastic

  • Socially engaged and enjoys meeting new people, forming connections, and participating in community events.

  • Individuals who are open to trying new experiences and adventures, embracing diverse event themes and activities.

  • Individuals who prefer more intimate and personalized gatherings over crowded and noisy public events, valuing the cozier atmosphere of hosting events at home.

  • Has an interest in event hosting and planning, and they may enjoy creating unique and memorable experiences for guests.

  • Prioritizes safety and may prefer a platform like FestApp that provides verification measures and control over who attends their events.

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