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Cos Cob TV & Audio offers a wide range of services, from home theatre installations to WiFi networking and outdoor entertainment solutions. They had a interesting, exciting and futuristic idea which excited us in a first place. ith various aspects of technology, audio, and video services, we also had a challenge to present the content in a user-friendly and engaging manner. The platform also made technology accessible to the masses, and hence designing a enhanced user-experience website was really important to increase its audience growth.

The visual design was formal, minimalist, clean and user-friendly. Soft colours and serif fonts were used to give a homely touch to the website. We also had creative freedom to use immersive imagery, videos and graphics related to audio and video. The overall idea was to create a seamless, smooth website with soft touch to appeal to masses.


Cos Cob TV

Transforming Homes into Smart Homes !

The client gave us a brief to design a dynamic and visually captivating website design which could showcase easu user flow and content in a engaging manner. The visual design should have a minimalist approach along with Clear-Call to Action and Navigation Options.


CosCob Foundation Story
Back in 1945, right here in Cos Cob, something exciting happened. It was the start of Cos Cob TV & Audio, a place where technology and fun came together. The Mecsery family had a big idea and made it real – they opened this special store. Through the years, it grew and changed, becoming a go-to spot for all things audio and video. From music to movies, they had it all. And guess what? The Mecsery family kept the business going, passing on the tradition.

Cos Cob TV & Audio transforms homes with cutting-edge services: immersive home theaters, outdoor entertainment, WiFi networks, automated shading, audio systems, lighting control, and security solutions.

How did we help?

By crafting a dynamic website for Cos Cob TV & Audio, we empowered them to showcase their comprehensive range of technology and entertainment services in an engaging and user-friendly way. We enabled to reach a wider audience and effectively communicate their expertise, from home theaters to WiFi setups. Through intuitive design and seamless navigation, we're helped Cos Cob connect with customers, enhance their brand presence, and provide a platform where people can easily explore and understand the innovative solutions they offer. Our collaboration aims to elevate their online presence, making their offerings accessible and appealing to those seeking the perfect blend of technology and convenience.


Roughly between the age group of 20 to late 30s.

Homeowners, businessmen, people who have good income, tech enthuiasts, interior designers, engineers, families who want to live in smart homes

Early apoters
Tech Savvy
Good Lifestyle


Individuals and families looking to enhance their living spaces with cutting-edge audio, video, and automation systems, including home theaters, multi-room audio, and smart lighting.
People who are passionate about technology and are seeking innovative solutions for their homes.
Individuals who want to take a hands-on approach to setting up their home entertainment systems and might be interested in purchasing TVs and accessories.
Individuals interested in transforming their homes into smart environments, seeking solutions like automated lighting, climate control, and security systems.

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